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Zincalume Steel Tank

Acids and chemicals with a high potential for corrosion can be stored in zincalume steel tanks. It has notable qualities like high strength, high durability, corrosion resistance, dimensional correctness, and beautiful finish, which make it well-known. This product line is created under the supervision of skilled specialists utilising cutting-edge technology and raw materials of the highest quality. This Zincalume Steel Tank is available from us at competitive pricing and many specifications.

Zincalume Steel Tanks

Zincalume Steel Tank is suitable for storing highly corrosive chemicals and acids. It is acknowledged for its salient features like high strength, high durability, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and fine finish. This range is fabricated using premium quality raw materials and the latest technology under the guidance of experienced professionals. We offer this Zincalume Steel Tank in varied specifications at reasonable prices.

Bolted Panel zincalume tank

Water Tank India is the only company in India to supply Valmex , Low & Bonar Germany origin NSF61 approved drinking water compatible reinforced

coated PVC liner for storage tanks.

Thickness of reinforced coated PVC liner is 900 GSM High frequency liner welding is done in-house. All our liners are tested before dispatch .

Zincalume Steel is manufactured by  Tatabluescope Steel which is high corrosion resistance compare to GI steel.

Water Tank India tanks are widely used for applications like raw water/ treated water/DM water/effluent water/waste-water/sea-water/ , alkaline/acidic chemicals/ethanol, solvents and for most of liquids having different density. Moreover, we shall assure you that these tanks have more longer life, low maintenance, aesthetic appealing and price competitive than MS Fabricated/RCC tanks.


1. Liner supplied by Low & Bonar for Water Tank India Tanks are NSF61 drinking water compatible, tested according to AS/NZS 4020 

2. Water Tank India gives the warranty for 10 years for zincalume steel tanks.

3. Production time for 5,00,000 litre tank is 15 days.

4. Tank life above 30 years.

5.  No maintenance cost.

6.  Special liners available for waste water storage, heavy fuel oil and diesel storage from Serge Ferrari.

Zinc aluminium steel tank

Water Tank India manufactures prefabricated bolted Zincalume Steel Tank  for all kinds of liquid storage and containment


Water Tank India Zincalume Steel Tanks are economical. Approx cost Rs.1.50-Rs 8 per liter.

Zincalume Steel is manufactured by Tatabluescope Steel which is high corrosion resistance compare to GI steel.


Water Tank India Tank panels are light weighted and easy to relocate and carry the panels.

Water Tank India Tanks can be installed very fast. Eg. 3,00,000 Liter tank can be installed in 7 days.

 We install heighted tanks with Jack system.

 Liner supplied by Serge Ferrari for Water Tank India Tanks are Fire Resistance with high tensile and tear strength.


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